About SlimWord

For years, I have produced various things such as music, books, poems, videos, and photographs. After creating blogs and websites for those ventures, I have decided to place them all under a single banner – Slim Word Productions.

At any given moment, I may be inspired to created a new video on a random subject or write a new story that may eventually become a book. Because of this, it made sense to create a place where all of my work is easily accessible.

As far as who I am, I have a native Texan who has lived in South and Central areas of the state. My travels, while small have taken me to several states and both coasts. Over time, I hope to expand on this so that I can glean more from this world.

More often than not, you may come across something here that may either inspire you or offend you. Either way, I hope you get something out of my body of work.



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