For Slimword Cards Buyers – Discarded Mail by USPS

I am seeing more and more reports of mail in California being discarded and abandoned by USPS postal staff.
Chances are very slim, but I sincerely hope none of your orders are part of this as I have a lot of buyers from CA
Rest assured I am dedicated to getting your cards out and in the mail as soon as possible. However, I obviously have no control over how that mail is taken care of. We just sort of put our faith in the USPS workers, most of whom are great at their jobs, to deliver the mail safely and on time.

If you ordered a more expensive card ($20+) you got a tracking number and if it was VERY expensive ($100+), insurance was placed on it which is a good thing.

Thank you for your understanding as there is nothing I can do other than changing to another service like UPS or FedEx which would be extremely expensive and I doubt anyone would want to pay $10+ to have a card shipped to them.


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