Yugioh TCG In Focus – Yata Garasu Dark Beginning 2

Thinking of starting a new series…well, sort of. I have kind of off and on done this In Focus series where I talk about certain cards in the game and what their value is.

I think it might work better as an investment series, although I am not in any way a broker.

If and when the series is rebranded, I will call it “Buy, Sell, Hold?” and I will look at all the factors as to why a card should be bought, sold, or held onto based on the current secondary market.

I think it will be an interesting way to look at Yugioh as more than just a game and more as an investible product.

What do you all think about the idea? I have recently filmed a new In Focus video and got the idea right as I was working on the Thumbnail. Leave me a comment here or on the video to let me know what you think!

Yata Garasu – Buy, Sell, Hold.

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