We Did It! 800 Youtube Subscribers!

Lenovo Tablet

It took long enough, but we’ve finally hit 800 Youtube Subscribers! I have to tell you all…this is not easy! I have put in thousands of hours of work and effort to get to this point. Seriously, thousands. Yes, some people get lucky and they are the exception, not the rule. Most of us have to bust our asses to get higher subscriber counts.

We’re not stopping here, obviously. The next big goal is 1000 subscribers so we can get properly monetized and make a little money from this Youtube venture.

Apparently, giveaways to bring in more subs and interest work. After starting the latest giveaway for a Lenovo Android Tablet that you can check out here, our numbers exploded. The goal for the giveaway was 1200 subscribers.

The question that remains though is…will those subscribers stick around? Will they actually watch our videos? I have no idea. I hope they do as it will further our goals as far as viewer retention!

Thank you all though for subscribing to the channel and if you haven’t yet, you can do so by clicking here!

See you all in our next video or live show!

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