The Forums Are Here and They are Growing!


If you’ve been following the growth of the website, you’re probably aware of the forums. Yes, they’re young, and small, but we’ve been slowing building them out and filling them with interesting content. Much of that content is coming from our new sister website which focusing on digital and traditional art.

We’ve also recently added a Facebook login feature which can be used in lieu of registering a new account (the FB Login does it all for you without hassle). We’ve submitted our login app to Twitter and are waiting for a decision from them which should happen. Once it does, we will also add the option to sign in using that platform as well, again saving time and effort needed. It will allow you to login quickly and post and respond to other posts faster.

As time goes on, the forums will continue to grow and more content will be added to them. We are also looking over other general topics which we feel will benefit those who visit the website. Most new people should be able to post and respond to content. Do remember to use common sense when posting though. Any sort of adult content will obviously be removed. Any and all spam will also be taken down.

Again, thank you all for checking out the site and we hope you return and con tribute to the forums often!




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