Youtube Can Get Expensive – The Road to 1k Subs!

I’ve been seriously pushing my Youtube channel for the past 2 months. I’ve streamed probably about 200 hours total (maybe more) and have also been making more and more regular videos.

Now that I’m neck deep in this, I can say with confidence…this is expensive.

The various tools I use, while not overly expensive on their own, do add up. I also purchase product so I can do openings for videos and yep, that also gets expensive. Before I knew it, I was dropping $200 just this month on product, tools, advertising, and additional equipment I need to do it all. And I still need a few things!

I’m not going to complain though. I knew that if I wanted this to succeed I would need to plunk down a handful of money to get it done. Now I see why so many Youtubers turn to things like Patreon. Yes, I’ve signed up myself and even while it’s there, it doesn’t mean that patrons come waltzing in!

It’s pretty tough out there in Youtube word. I think I’ve managed to find my niche, but it’s still going to be some time before I am cash flow positive here! Saving all my receipts because know come tax time next year, I’m most likely going to file a fairly substantial loss.

I’m still not going to quit. My goal is not that far off, at least not the one I have right now. It would seem ridiculous to not link to my Patreon page so here you go!

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