Were They Expecting Too Much?

I was playing an online game earlier; one I’d played off and on for several years now. In the course of play, I met someone who said something interesting in one of the public chat channels.

They mentioned something somewhat interesting and had stated how neat it was. Mostly, I was trying to be polite so as to not make them feel as if they were boring me. We chatted in private messages for about 5 minutes and then they asked me where I was from. I mentioned Texas as most people who know me either through games or social media know I am at least in Texas. They kept pushing though, wanting for me to give them an exact city. Again, most people I know through social media know what city I am in. I’ve never really kept it a secret. I have, however, not really volunteered that information while in an online game.

In a round about way, I gave subtle hints that I did not want to say. This person did not take my cue lightly. After asking again, they then attempted to guilt me into saying where I was and again, I refused to answer. Here comes the surprise.

After the figured out that I wasn’t going to tell them, they had the nerve to say that I was disrespecting them because I would not tell them where exactly in the world I was. Less than 5 minutes before, this person was a complete stranger to me and just like that, they assume they have some sort of right to demand where I am.

They then proceeded to figuratively walk away from me (ending the conversation) because they said I was disrespectful of them.

Now all I have to say is…WHAT?!?

Please, for the love of God, do not assume just because people are polite to you online that you have some sort of right to demand answers from them. I or anyone else have no idea who you may really be. For all we know, you’re some lunatic. Trust is something that is earned and not automatic.

If one does not have the patience to actually speak like civilized people and form a friendship before asking such personal questions, it’s best that they walk out of your life sooner than later.

I’d never had anyone say I was disrespectful because I wouldn’t give up personal information. This was a first for me. Given the way this next generation of people handle online interactions, I don’t think it will be the last either. I am not saying all of the millennials are online idiots. In fact, most are pretty awesome people. I just think that some of them have this expectation that they can instantly know everything about you and if you don’t volunteer that information fairly quickly that it’s a slap in the face to them.

Take it however you want. My personal well-being and privacy is more important than your ego.

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