Black Chicago Teens Charged with Hate Crimes

I was browsing Imgur, like we all do, when I came across the story that is really hot right now. Yep, the one about the 4 black Chicago teens that kidnapped a mentally handicapped white guy. While captive, the teens bound him and forced him to say things like “Fuck all white people” and “Fuck Trump” as they tortured him.

Jesus. That’s…really screwed up. is reporting that those 4 teens accused of the kidnapping and torture are now being charged with a hate crime. I don’t know about you, but that is the right thing to do.

I’ve seen some on television saying that what these teens did was not a hate crime. I have to disagree. The video, which can be seen all over the internet, bleeds of racial hate. To not charge them with a hate crime would be a huge disservice.

The video of the alleged crime can be seen here. Be warned though. The video is very disturbing.

Kidnapping Suspects
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