Let’em Suffer! Why We Shouldn’t Help Suramar Residents

From the first day I ran into some Suramar residents, I felt the were just looking down their nose at me. I hated it. The first word that came to mind was snotty.

The Snobs Can Kiss My Ass!

Yes, really. I understand that Blizzard wanted to make sure we knew how shitty these people were. I am happy with that. I think, in some respects, they did too good a job.

I found myself so put off by the characters that I stopped doing the quest chains. Thalyssra is alright. She seems to understand that her back is against the wall. Instead of acting like a stuck up bitch, she’s much more friendly.

screen cap by Damoggen via Wowhead.com
Thalyssra by DaMoggen via Wowhead.com

Why Should I Care About Suramar?

Blizzard did do a good job overall with this faction and their story. In fact, I think they made a few of them ultra snobs just to push our buttons. Valtrois is nearly impossible to like. You think she might come around, but it just doesn’t happen. At least not in the current patch of 7.1 so far.

This same situation plays out a few more times with different characters. You meet someone who is quite nice and then you meet someone who has a stick up their ass.

For the record, I did go back and continue the questline. Thalyssra’s voice actor did an excellent job in making her feel warmer than the other Suramarians. She is the biggest reason I went back and completed things there. Well, her and the portal guy. I forget his name.

So, to Valtrois and all the other stuck up assholes of Suramar, make sure you thank Thalyssra after all this is done. Wait. Snobs actually thanking someone for helping them? I have a better chance of convincing Gul’dan that The Fel is a bad idea.

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