Yu Gi Oh Duel Generation

I hadn’t played Yu-Gi-Oh in years, and I really do mean years. I think the last time I went to an event was 2007 and the last time I had any sort of match with another person was 2010. It’s been a looooong time.
Well, I discovered Yu Gi Oh Duel Generation and it’s pretty awesome! After all this time, I finally know how to Synchro and XYZ summon. I had seen the cards, but never really knew how they worked.
I just started playing so of course my deck consists of mostly trash cards. It’s still fun to play again though. Oh, how I miss the days when I used to organize and run events. I used to have such a good time and I knew so many people. I do regret quitting back then, but life was happening and it was either the game or life.

Well, I have time now so it’s nice to be able to play again, even if it is just on my tablet.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation


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