Live Action Show? Finally?

I have been working on a live action show for some time now. Off and on I have been writing various things to see where they take me. I knew right off that I wasn’t going to be om camera myself, but something a little different would fill that void.

Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a decent video camera with the feature I was looking for. You can check it out here. It’s not the most amazing camera, but it does what i want it to do and the ability to add an exterior mic will really help with what I am planning on.

With luck, I will start shooting some time in December. I wanted to shoot earlier, but unfortunately things happened and my project got delayed.

I will still probably do the occasional video game video, but I’ve really wanted to try live action. It feels like people tend to view live action videos more often and for longer periods of time.

I started this Youtube thing a little over a year ago and I really want to make it work.

The Q4 by Zoom

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