3DXChat Funny Moments – Character Creation Screen, Cow Lick

Let me start this off by saying that 3DXChat is an ADULTS ONLY game. Kids are not welcome. At all. Besides, this is a subscription based game so I doubt any kids will even try it. That being said….

Here is a short video I did of the character creation process. I tried my best to make it a little funny, but it’s not all that hilarious. It’s still interesting to see how some of these games work. Of course, because I can’t exactly show um…certain things…on Youtube, I was only able to put in just the character creation and not much of anything from the game play.

I did roam around in the “world” of the game a bit and surprisingly, almost everyone on the game was very polite. Sadly, there is a stigma that comes with people who play these types of games. I didn’t see any community problem while playing though. I am sure there are a couple of unseemly players, but the staff tends to get rid of those pretty fast.

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